Point of Sales
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   Why use a POS system to manage my store?

A POS system is computer software and hardware networked together to track sales and inventory as they occur. POS systems will solve a multitude of problems in your business.

 From a Return-On-Investment perspective, it should pay for itself in between 6 months to1 year. For the new business, a POS system is a smart investment. The savings in labor hours and increase in efficiency makes balancing staffing easier, and the POS system automates many time-intensive tasks. Our POS software helps you stay aware of how your business is performing.

Many owners and manages find that the reports generated from the POS system invaluable in the day-to-day and long term management of the business. From revenue and profit reports, ordering reports and product sales reports, the POS system offers a perspective of the total business that is difficult to grasp in other ways.

Here are some of the advantages of using our POS system to track and manage your business:
 image002    Reduce Shrinkage - since inventory quantities are tracked in real time, understanding shrinkage becomes easier. Every modern POS system includes receiving and inventory functions. Proper use of these functions helps pinpoint the causes of inventory loss, reduces "out of stock" conditions and makes overall business management easier.
 image003   Maintain Control- Many business owners discover that efficiency and customer service suffer when they're not on site. Our POS systems give you the ability to track volume and performance when you're not on the floor or you're busy with other tasks.
 image004   Improve Efficiency- POS systems allows your staff to tend to revenue generating tasks such as helping customers.  It eliminates the need to double-check inventory disparities and cash register reconciliation. POS systems dramatically reduce the effort required to do inventory and other repetitive paperwork. Improved efficiency means higher customer satisfaction, lower costs and higher sales.

Timely and Accurate Reports

POS systems give you the ability to analyze sales data. You can measure the effectiveness of pricing or advertising campaign. You'll know what items need to be ordered and in what quantity. You can identify high margin items and promote them further. You can easily calculate daily gross revenue, cost and profit. Historical data analysis helps to forecast your future needs.

Improve Customer Satisfaction- Using a POS system with barcode scanner will significantly speed up the check-out process. It gives you the ability to recognize your best customers and reward them for their patronage. It can easily collect customer data (from credit card transactions) that you can use for targeted advertising and incentive programs.

 image007   Some salient features.
  • Easy to learn - You do not have to send your staff out for expensive training.
  • Easy to use - Requires minimum keystrokes and the mouse is never required (but you can use it if you want).
  • Flexible - Handles any combination of discounts, taxes, returns, credits and sale specials in one easy transaction.
  • Multi-Store -Manage information for stores from one location with Point of Sale
  • Multi discount options.
  • Accept multiple currencies E.g. Dirhams, SAR, USD, Pounds etc.
  • Double screen option for advertisement purpose.*Bar code Printing
  • Our POS Software can print your bar code stickers on a simple laser, ink-jet printer or even on thermal printer also.
  • you can send your customers SMS or can receive your daily sales reports as an owner by a predefine procedure and time (additional feature )
  • we provide complete package (POS machine, thermal printer, bar code scanner, cash drawer, customer display and software )
  • Hardware warranty one year and software life time.
  • Our system gives you everything that you can expect from any modern software.
 image008   Security Features
  • Protect your business with owner-defined security.
  • Determine what permissions each security profile will have.
  • Assign your employees a security profile.
  • Keep your employees' vital information easily accessible at all times.
  • The Logon Screen ensures that your employees have the proper access to your data.
  • Different security profiles for the following
  • Cashier, Chief Cashier, Supervisor, Manager, Administrator.

Hardware Integrated with:

  • Customer Pole Displays.
  • Cash Drawers
  • Wireless I Palms.
  • POS receipt printer
  • Customer pole display
  • You'll replace manual, error-prone inventory and purchasing tasks with automation that helps save time and money, reduce shrinkage, and ensure efficient replenishment
  • Decisions are built on accurate, real-time information, rather than on gut instinct. Point of Sale is designed to be affordable.
  • The customer checkout experience is fast, smooth, and professional increasing your store's productivity and your customers' satisfaction.
  • Your front and back offices work together with a true solution suite.
  • You can extend the reach of business information to make better decisions and communicate more effectively.
  • By better understanding your customers you can deliver service that increase sales and build loyalty.
  • You can leave the store site knowing that you're still in charge.
  • You can begin saving valuable time from the start.
  • Prioritize fast selling, high-demand items and quickly adjust placement, pricing and promotion.
Our goal is to provide a simple, affordable and powerful "end-to-end commerce solution for retailers to manage their businesses. In essence, a total solution for all primary business functions from one supplier without third-party interfaces or links. This includes managing inventory, processing sales orders, point of sale, customer relationship and truly integrated accounting.

HCT POS(Point of Sale) Software provides the latest benefits that Windows programming technology and MSSQL Server client/server databases have to offer retailers. The database is a true client/server design. Software is ideal for multiple store retailers who wish to share all or large amounts of data between different locations.